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About us


SCRD designs, manufactures and sells products in many industrial applications including Tannery, Textile, Pharmaticeutical, etc...

Based in Europe, the cradle of luxury brands, SCRD sells 90% of its range to over the world, thanks to R&D and production center located in Le Havre, first French port for container traffic, just 2 hours from Paris and opened internationally.

We also have an application laboratory in Graulhet in the South West of France, in the historic heart of the French Tannery.

Our products are supplied for Tannery industries, Textile, Biology, or other demand.


Sustainable development

Our approach to sustainability is based on the responsible use of natural resources, with two objectives :

- Ensure good quality supplyings,
- Does not endanger the species we transform.

Since 2005, we have planted more than 10,000 rich trees in tannins or vegetable dyes in our plantation of 200 hectares, in southern Nicaragua.



History of green heart of ERD group


Fondation Le Havre (Normandy) of the French Company of tanning and dyeing extracts (CFE) by the ingenious Mr. Dubosc that will revolutionize whole sectors of the economy ( tannery, textile, inks, food, etc. ) in the industrializing aqueous extraction of vegetables.


The C.F.E joined the family group Raoul-Duval, specialized since 4826 in trading of tropical raw materials. Now renamed SCRD the company is more than ever a specialist in vegetable field.

 SCRD is the part of the ERD group, founded in 1826 and still family owned.

The headquarters, production and R&D are located in Le Havre (Normand/France), 200 kilometers West of Paris.

SCRD designs, manufactures and sells worldwide, products aimed at such industires as Tanneries, Biology, Textile and numerous other industries requiring our products.




Premium Quality

SCRD is distinguishable by the quality PREMIUM of its products ans its CUSTOMERS SERVICES by rigorously applying the principles of total quality :

- Respect, no compromising, hight concentration of tanning and dyeing active principles in the formulation and the products delivrered.

Historically specialist in vegetable extracts, and producer of actives tanning and dyeing, SCRD is creator of specific products, innovative, efficient, high added value for its customers.

  • Respect of the ISO 9001 certification
  • Respect of the Charter Responsible Care®
  • Application of the 5S approach

At each stage in the production plant by the respect of the environment, of the people and the economic efficiency.

  • Strong supply of a PREMIUM CUSTOMER SERVICE.

SCRD supports and advises customers on demand at every stage of the development of its recipes, provides them with technical support and answers tailored to their technical and environmental challenges.