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Research and development

Research & Development

Because we think that innovations originate from permanent dialogue with our customers, as well as from our internal creativity, our experts develop regularly new products.

  • With increased efficiency, they answer precisely your needs.

  • Our guideline : technical and economical relevance for both parties.

  • SCRD dedicates more than 5 % of ots turnover to R &D, in order to develop its range.




Application lab in Graulhet

At the heart of the historic capital city of French tannery.

Experienced French technicians

Modern equipment

Stock enabling a just-in-time supply of our customers.





Our explorations


Haematoxylin (Natural Black 1, or C.I. 75290) :

Haematoxylin or Hematoxylin is extracted from the heartwood of the Logwood tree (Haematoxylum campechianum). Hematoxylin is the leuco form of the mordant dye haematein, the oxydized form of Haematoxylin. Haematein forms coloured compounds with several metals including aluminium, iron. Metal-Haematein complexes are among the most commonly used stains in histology to stain cell nuclei prior to examination under a microscope. SCRD is the only producer in the world to cover the whole range of purities, from the technical grade to the highest purity.



Morin (C.I. 75660) :

Morin is one of the many compounds which are extracted from the heartwood of the Old Fustic tree (Chlorophora tinctoria) also known as Dyer’s mulberry, Maclura tinctoria or Morus tinctoria. Morin (2′,3,4′,5,7-Pentahydroxyflavone) belongs to the flavonoid groups and more precisely to the flavonol subclass. Morin can be used to test the presence of Aluminium, since it forms characteristically fluorescent coordination complexes with it.



Maclurin (C.I. 75240) :

Maclurin is a compound extracted from the heartwood of the Old Fustic tree (Chlorophora tinctoria). Maclurin (2,4,6,3',4'-pentahydroxy benzophenone) is a starting product for the semisynthesis of azo dyes including Acid brown 188, Acid brown 189, Acid brown 314…