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Through history, SCRD has built a huge know-how in the vegetable dyes and tannins field. This experience enables SCRD to master the formulations and the purification of vegetable molecules, in order to create “tailor-made” innovative products with high added-value for the customer.

We conceive, manufacture and sell worldwide a range of high added-value products for wet-end processes, whether wet-blue or wet-white

Retan range, efficient vegetable tannins : tanner's Sumach, Gambir, Bois de fustet, logwood, galls oak, myrobolan, tara pod…

- Convenience products as Chestnut, Mimosa or Quebracho...


SCRD16-icono-herbarium-gambier SCRD16-icono-herbarium-maclura SCRD16-icono-herbarium-tara
 UNCARIA GAMBIR / gambir MACLURA TINCTORIA / yellow fustic
SCRD16-icono-herbarium-chene SCRD16-icono-herbarium-prunier SCRD16-icono-herbarium-galle
 QUERCUS / oak  MYROBOLAN / yellow myrobolan GALLNUT


Synthetic products, environmentally friendly and approved by the REach rules (syntans, auxyliaries, fatliquors, resins and polymers).


- Syntex range, without free formaldehyde,

- Duvoil range, fatliquors derived from natural and/or synthetic raws materials,

- Duvaltan range, polymer mainly based on natural fillers.





 R&D : The central site of Le Havre

Because we believe that innovations are born as much of the ongoing dialogue with our customers that our internal creativity, our experts regularly develop new products.

More efficient in terms of benefits, they meet your exact needs.

Our motto : Economic & Technical Relevance for both parties. 

SCRD spends more than 5% of its turnoverfor the R&D to develop these new ranges.


Bernard Rousset Graulhet


R&D : Our application laboratory in Graulhet

At the heart of the historic capital of the French tannery, French experienced technicians support the R&D central at Le Havre and produce tailored and customised products with modern equipment.



Our location allow us an international commercial presence, technical assistance and a distribution close to our custumers.

  • Historical Headquarters : Le Havre, in Europe, the cradle of the major global luxury brands.

  • Laboratory of application of Graulhet

  • World Markets : France, Italy, India, China, Bangladesh, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia ...



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Premium Quality

SCRD is distinguishable by the quality PREMIUM of its products ans its CUSTOMERS SERVICES by rigorously applying the principles of total quality :

- Respect, no compromising, hight concentration of tanning and dyeing active principles in the formulation and the products delivrered.

Historically specialist in vegetable extracts, and producer of actives tanning and dyeing, SCRD is creator of specific products, innovative, efficient, high added value for its customers.

  • Respect of the ISO 9001 certification
  • Respect of the Charter Responsible Care®
  • Application of the 5S approach

At each stage in the production plant by the respect of the environment, of the people and the economic efficiency.

  • Strong supply of a PREMIUM CUSTOMER SERVICE.

SCRD supports and advises customers on demand at every stage of the development of its recipes, provides them with technical support and answers tailored to their technical and environmental challenges.



Consult and download technical datasheets and informations !

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